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Extended Warranty

Terms and Conditions

1) Conditions

To use the warranty service, all maintenance and servicing, referred to in the Manual of the product must be performed by an authorized service center Brother. It should also take into account any guidance contained in the Manual, especially those concerning the proper operation of the device. In addition, the device should always use genuine Brother supplies. Otherwise, the rights arising from the guarantee on this device may be lost.

2) Registration

The condition for granting a free extended warranty Brother is to get with the purchase of the Brother machine in force in Poland, warranty card and to register your Brother machine in the period from 01.11.2015 r. To 31.12.2015. On the website of Brother / support / warranty-page. After fulfilling the above conditions the warranty period will be the free przesłużeniu from 2 years to 5 years from the date of purchase. This additional service is a promotional action Brother Poland Sp. z oo and is available after registration and meeting the additional requirements set out in the regulations. Brother reserves the right to selectively subsequent verification requests made devices in the extended warranty. If it is determined that the device at the time of registration did not meet the conditions of the rules Brother is entitled to refuse to provide warranty service covered by the rules, and was originally awarded extended warranty will be deemed canceled.

3) Services

This registration will expand and extend the standard warranty Brother.

a) Repair / Replacement on site

  1. This service will replace the standard warranty for the product Brother Brother. Extended warranty covers repair on site at the customer's every malfunction covered by the standard warranty Brother within five years from the date of purchase of the product. Locate faults and repair of a particular registered Brother product is limited.
  2. In the event of a malfunction, the Customer must contact the branch Brother mentioned in the leaflet containing the standard warranty Brother or call the office a call Brother working at the phone number: 801-333-803 or 22 500 94 94. If the repair defects it is not possible during the initial diagnostic checks, then Brother initiate the procedure for repair or replacement on site at the customer. The decision of whether to make the repair or replacement of a defective unit, the Brother. These parts or devices become the property of Brother.
  3. In telephone contact can be pre-qualification defects, and further studies will be carried out in due time. Provided that the customer is in the range of the unit, the typical time allotted for repair on site is 24 hours, if the customer lives in the village / town where there is a branch of Brother or 48 hours if the customer lives in another place. However, Brother reserves the right to cross these terms.
  4. A warranty repair performed on-site at the customer can take place only in the country in which the Brother machine was purchased.
  5. The customer will help us to meet the timely perform warranty repairs. Otherwise, the company is exempt from Brother Warranty Repair.

Brother is responsible for defects or reduced quality parameters of the devices, which are clearly stated in the warranty. Brother is not responsible for any loss of data. Compensation for financial loss, eg. For downtime in production is not entitled. All other liabilities are explicitly excluded in the framework of mutual agreement.

Services which do not fall within the scope of this Agreement are: cleaning equipment, consumables and parts that wear out under normal use. Brother authorized service personnel will perform repairs only those damages that are covered by the standard warranty Brother.

4) Off

With this warranty is expressly excluded the following items:

  • Supplies;
  • The parameters and software features that are not supplied by Brother;
  • Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to the normal wear and tear during operation;
  • Damage to the unit or degradation of print quality which is caused by the use of consumables, whose quality is not controlled by Brother;
  • Damage caused by excessive or improper use of the product. Using the device should be in accordance with the instructions given in the Instruction Manual;
  • Any failure caused by failure to observe instructions given by Brother, and relating to the appropriate maintenance procedure developed for the type of device;
  • Installation and used in accordance with the applicable technical standards, safety or the laws in force in the territory of the country, where it is used;
  • Damage resulting from repairs carried out by unauthorized service personnel or by the user;
  • Transport damage due to insufficient or improper packaging (we suggest that you save the original packaging and use it in case the device for any reason had to be transported;
  • Accidental damage and damage caused by lightning, flooding, fire, improper ventilation or caused by factors outside the control of the Brother.

5) Costs

If, during the warranty period it is necessary to repair it, the Brother, will cover all the costs of the repairs, and in particular the cost of the repair work, spare parts, which are necessary to restore proper operation of the device and, depending on the type of warranty, transportation costs equipment and Brother authorized service. Brother shall not be liable for any interruption of business or for the necessary recovery of customer data that is associated with the implemented repair.

6) Claims and enforcement of claims

The customer can withdraw from warranty claims only after delivery of the original proof of purchase and the warranty card product. The five-year warranty period is a voluntary service offered by Brother Poland Sp. z oo on products purchased Brother and relates to the product meets the conditions set out in point. 2. Where the product has been used to the end of its service life, then the warranty period ends at the end of life.

7) Transferability Warranty

This warranty is not transferable.

8) General Conditions

This warranty does not affect the rights of the Customer under the applicable rules, nor affect the rights under the contract of purchase / sale, which the customer has against the seller.

9) The court of competent to dispute settlement

The court competent to settle disputes is the court competent for the customer.

10) Changes and amendments to the warranty

Changes and amendments must be in writing. Brother reserves the right to change the terms of this promotion without prior notice stating the reasons. The changes are effective from the date of their communications on websites Brother, with the proviso that they produce legal effects for the future only to customers recording equipment purchased after communicate the changes in the regulations. Changes to the rules do not affect in any way the rights already acquired by the customers who have registered products prior to change the rules.

Warsaw, 10.29.2015