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Visitor Management and Badge Printing Software

Replace your outdated paper and pen visitor registration system with a professional visitor management and badge printing solution. The VM-100VP quickly and easily allows visitors to be registered, and be issued with a badge printed on any of the Brother label printers (available separately).

Key Features

  • Keep track of visitors/contractors to your organisation
  • Print visitor badges on any of the Brother QL label printers
  • Create and print reports on visitor movements
  • Print an emergency evacuation report to perform a roll-call
  • Add visitor photographs taken with an optional webcam
  • Includes software, 2 x plain paper badge rolls and clip-on badge holders


VM-100VP  Visitor Management and Badge Printing Software 

The Brother™ VM-100VP Visitor Badge & Management Kit is a complete badge solution that puts timely visitor log-in, professional badge creation, and efficient report generation within the reach of practically any organization.

If you are still using a paper log to track visitors, and need a better way to manage your entry/exit data – this could be the right solution for you. The robust software provides templates to create and print badges as well as a database to recall, store and query visitor records.

For additional security, photographs of visitors can be added to the visitor badge and database, by using an optional webcam.

Offers two check-in modes: Reception mode - for assisted check-in used by most organizations, and Self Check-in mode – ideal for trade shows and events.

Make a great first impression while also keeping track of visitors to your office, school, or seminar.

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